The life of any man is ART.

zero negativo theaterThe art of breathing, movement, vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste. Everything composes a unique work , addressed to be placed in everyday life where man unravels like a juggler with the use of his precious senses, sometimes with satisfaction, sometimes clumsily.But that does not matter because whatever the mode this reflects sheer uniqueness.


And from this uniqueness  born the Association ZERO NEGATIVO.



Expression related to blood group par excellence, the one defined as the “most  pure" on Earth, the one that with no distinction can DONATE to ALL men.



zero negativo association


This mysterious group of which still do not know with precision the origins collide with our theatrical art to become one with it. Called "blood of altruism" among its features is that of the sense of having a mission in life.


And we want to make sense of the sense, that does not mean to be somebody, but BE someone for themselves.


zero negativo our workshop


We firmly believe that the THEATRE is the purest human means  to pursue this our task, arduous and humble: to awaken in adults, children, old men, schools, companies their sense of belonging to life.





“In the blood there is the impulse of the heart showing in it the mystery of life”  (Marco Trevisan)




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