“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater”.  (Galileo Galilei)

 Theater to educate is our mission.


We support and embrace the


The Manifesto is a term of reference for the different cultures of European and non- European countries.

It includes several PRINCIPLES that elevate the importance of implementation of the theatrical art in teaching  in every level of education.

  • The theater is culture, freedom of culture and culture of freedom, play and fantasy, expressiveness and imagination.
  • The theater is harmony of languages, it is discipline, it is the discovery of all human potentiality.
  • The theater is expressed through the voice, the body, gesture, silence, pauses, sounds, lights, objects.
  • The theater tells stories, express feelings and sensations that communicates to the public.
  • The theater is passion and passionate nature but also control and balance. 
  • The theater opens new perspectives and points of view.
  • The theater is pleasant, unpleasant, funny, can upset but also consoling, suggests and lifts the spirit.
  • The theater is art, great authors, immortal works of world culture, but is also dramatization of little things.
  • The theater can be eternal and universal but also consumed in the experience of short moments.
  • The theater educates because it is not dogmatic, it does not impose rules but its rule is to create various aspects of harmony.
  • The theater must enter in the school as a culture, as a language, as a creative opportunity.
  • The theater can be part of the study of literature, but it should also be studied in itself for its features as vehicle of communication.
  • The theater in the school can be a cross-linking tool between disciplines.
  • The theater in the school should also be education of the aware viewer.
  • However it is introduced in schools we must never forget that theater is a pleasure and a game.
  • The theater culture is not destined for an elite but should be spread among all without excluding anyone.
  • It is necessary to train teachers and theater professionals who are aware of the educational role of the theater in general and of the specific nature of theater in school.
  • In a world where technology is increasingly prominent, the culture of theater is alive and dynamic and the school has the duty to pass it on to new generations.


In the light of these principles our Association stands as teaching support for kindergartens, primary, secondary and higher schools, promoting and developing educational theater projects. The theatrical activity allows the balanced exercise of spontaneity and discipline: through the theater we drive our own learning.



theater for schools 1These are some fruits that brings the dramatization of a text:

  •  To represent situations.
  • To "Live " the characters' feelings.
  • To carry out gestures.
  • To make movements and talk.
  • To understand and interpret a message that maybe otherwise we would not understand.
  • To enhance the potential of our learners , who often we neglect because they do not appear in the normal course of lessons.
  • To recover those students who can not find the motivation to participate in daily activities. (Prof. Giovanni Liccardi)



The language teaching by means of the theater causes physical, emotional and cognitive reactions, active the memory allowing recovery of words and difficult expressions and the memory of our own history and culture, facilitates and develops the ability to narrate events, experiences, helps learners to build meaningful relationships with others.

The theater also helps the didactic action to move toward personalized education, which according to the educator Garcia Hoz responds to the educational need to stimulate the subject to improve the ability to govern himself and his own life and, consequently, to realize his personal freedom, participating with his peculiar characteristics in community life.



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