Zero Negativo theaterIn today's everyday life skin pores  are hinged on technological algorithms, changing the man in an exemplary dummy that as such it is expected to perform its task of mocking expressionless with smiles printed, controlled gestures and obliged clothes. Ready to fill with vacuum the window of that day made ​​of passersby who stop for a moment in our lives and then, without a trace, inexorably, "pass ".


From this spasmodic pace of illusory real life we started to SEARCH.


In this research we are not dedicated to our profession in an attitude similar to that of medieval engraver who was trying to find in his piece of wood a pre - existing form. We do not work like artists or scientists, but especially like the shoemaker who look at the shoe, the right place where to stick the nail.


So what is essential to the theater ?

  • The theater can exist without costumes and sets ? Yes.
  • It can exist without music ? Yes.
  • It can exist without lighting effects ?Yes.
  • There may be no text ? Yes.
  • Can the theater exist without actors ? No.
  • And without an audience ? It takes at least one.
  • All that remains are the actor and the spectator ? Yes.


THEATRE is what happens between the VIEWER and the ACTOR.

Zero Negativo theater Everything else is extra. (The new theater will, Eugenio Barba)


So we, as small artisans tireless, married the ideal of POOR THEATER, which sees its creator in Jerzy Grotowski.

The poor theater is not a simplified theater and defeatist, but rather a theater made ​​by people on their way to the existence. It is poor because it is not done with the means available to the normal theater, where you spend on sets, lighting, costumes, music etc.. , and instead is rich because the time dedicated to the research and action is unlimited.




Zero Negativo theaterThe actor's personal technique is the core of the theatrical art.

(Per un teatro povero, J. Grotowski)





“I can choose any empty space and decide that it is a bare stage. A man through it and another observes : is sufficient to initiate action”   (Peter Brook)







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