Zero Negative theater during  the theater festival "ESSERE O NON ESSERE", presents: "REFUSE". A word, three very distinct meanings but not separated from each other that intertwine and evolve in a ZERO NEGATIVE style.

 By and with Maria Acampa and Antonio Papa.

spettacolo Rifiuto

Theatrical show "A CHRISTMAS MAGIC"

A journey through past memories, present reflections and future possibilities.

A show for young and old. Where the public does not go to the theater, but it is the theater that goes to the home of its audience!



The Negative Zero are ready to be a gift for you! Experience the magic of having your theater in your home, contact us and live an unforgettable experience with your family and friends! All at no cost !!!


A theatrical project by InterAzioniCreative and Teatro Zero Negativo


"I have a castle of love, and I still do not own it and I do not live it: it is this waiting that worries me, like an impatient child with the new festive clothes ..."

An all-female trilogy. How much culture, education, emotional relationships, family, fathers and mothers influence and condition our destiny?

Resume life or rot in the sense of guilt. Fly and learn to stay in the world even alone or stay in the shadow of someone.


Alla, Tilde and Bianca, three monologues and an epilogue.


  • Refuse.A show where the social Theater that characterizes Teatro Zero Negativo reveals the reality, dissolving hidden mechanisms in which we are all vititms and executioners
  • Let’s live! We, You Now. Show dedicated to LIFE
  • A Christmas magic. Itinerant show written and interpreted by the association held in the houses during the Christmas period
  • Oblivion. What is the right to oblivion? A journey between real and virtual·
  • Yes or no? The reasons for the Constitutional Reform between the "Yes" and the "No" (information show of grotesque satire. Written and interpreted by the Association)·
  • The surprise to discover the astonishment (realized at the conclusion of a creative-educational project carried out with the children of the nursery school and their parents).
  • Trench waste (Historical show developed on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the First World War written and created by the Association).·
  • Fragments of memory removed (Historical work realized for the recurrence of the Day of Memory, written and created by the Association)·
  • Midnight and five in Bhopal. (Environmental-educational work written and conceived entirely by the company. Show also offered in secondary schools as a didactic support).


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