" Let’s live! We,You, Now!" is the new show of the Zero Negative association dedicated to life.

theatrical show VITA by zero negativo theater



There are only two days a year when you can not do anything: one is called yesterday, the other is called tomorrow, so today is the fair day to love, to believe, to do and, mainly, to live! With this representation the Zero Negative association wants to give a sound to existence, to exhort man to life.


A show of THEATER and MUSIC  to give voice to one of the indisputable protagonists of human history.

theatrical show "the bomb"

The bomb represents continuity with one of the fundamental human tendencies since antiquity. To hear about it is different than having it in your hands

A show written by and with Maria Acampa, Elia De Molli, Antonio Papa and Gianmaria Melchiori



Zero Negative theater during  the theater festival "ESSERE O NON ESSERE", presents: "REFUSE". A word, three very distinct meanings but not separated from each other that intertwine and evolve in a ZERO NEGATIVE style.

 By and with Maria Acampa and Antonio Papa.

spettacolo Rifiuto

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