theatrical show "rifiuto" by zero negativo theater



We want to be a real "placenta" in which to grow up and at the same time to protect the art as the only and pure source of expressiveness that man can use for himself, to find himself and find the others. All with a high sense of humanity.






This is the meaning of our logo:

Logo Teatro Zero Negativo


 MASKS: Theatrical masks made ​​their appearance in Athens in fifth century, where with the introduction of the tragic representations, comic and satirical, developed different types of masks. They were used by actors with acoustic function (voice amplification) and scenic function (the characterization of the characters). For the man of the theater the mask is the tool for creation. It allows to get closer to ultra sensitive realities, which otherwise may not appear. It does not hide, but on the contrary reveals .


HAND: The hand represents the human body, an instrument without which would not exist the actor act. It is stretched forwards, it gives what holds in her fingers to emphasize the nature of our association.


RED COLOR: Red is the vital color that symbolizes the heat, the movement. It is the color that more than the others represents the human being. It connects the fullness of life with courage, sacrifice, kindness and strong feelings. Red is the color of blood, of our Rh- blood.


“Theater is not essential. It serves to cross borders between you and me”  (Jerzy Grotowski)




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