The Zero Negative Association proposes a practical-theoretical path that goes beyond words to examine personal communication and provide communication tools that can be used daily on the job and in private life.

public speaking


An experiential process developed through theatrical techniques that together with the communicative ones produce a perfect alchemy to face fears, anxieties, dissatisfactions, discomforts, frustrations.

A workshop edited by Dr. Maria Acampa trainer-actress specialized in Marketing & Communication where you will work on self-esteem, listening, empathy, assertiveness to make your way to communicate effective.




From the synergies of multifaceted actors, from the passion of actors in dynamic training, from the will of a group of people who do not want to get lost in the maze of the theater world, it is born ....LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH!


Lively, sweetened and autumn festival for theater lovers.


A festival to keep in touch. A festival to give oneself because the more the marble is damaged the more the statute grows!


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