“The theater play is the game of life, the game of the body, the game of relationships. The social game” (Claudio Bernardi)


Zero Negativo theater The essence of the theater is formed by a meeting. The individual who performs an act of self- penetration, establishes a contact in some way with himself: that is, an extreme comparison, honest, disciplined, accurate and complete. Not only a comparison with his thoughts, but a comparison that would engage his whole being, his instincts and unconscious reasons up to the stage of his more lucid awareness. (Per un teatro povero, Jerzy Grotowski)

In this view, the theater (of) Social arises as a resource and privileged place of expression, becoming one of social aggregation tool that helps the recovery of excluded or disadvantaged people, being a messenger of a language based mainly on the body and emotions.

The most precious resource of the social theater is to be the bearer of a form of relationship of an anthropological order before artistic and performative: create freedom, empowerment, not dependency or spaces of intermittent evasion and evanescent.


social theater zero negativo theater 


  • privileged instrument of action in strong exclusion situations;
  • patient and handmade creation of true relationships;
  • expression of men and women in search of a deeper truth to be expressed with the body, emotions and words;
  • way of being, of acting, of relating very free compared to the influences of social representations and authentic re-establishment of a role;
  • "artistic first aid ", which serves to give voice to those who do not have it anymore.
  • comparison between human beings who implement diversity.

The social theater does not make the infinite multiplicity of cultures in a uniform magma "digested" by everyone, however a reverse globalization that values ​​differences, putting them in a condition to express themselves through practical and common knowledge: those of the body, poetry, music, rituals. When the language is common to the interlocutors the dialogue is possible. (Tra povertà e socialità: la ricchezza del teatro, V. Perico)


social theater zero negativo theater




In all this the Zero Negative association wants to be a tool through which to create creative/experimental workshops for social integration of each individual within the Society.



 Our Association in EUROPE!

We are partners for European projects Erasmus+ , having as a methodology the non-formal education as a tool for the integration of everyone. Strong points of this method are the accessibility to everyone in every moment of life and the possibility to give "a second chance" to young people with fewer opportunities. 

This is our profile on the European portal:



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